Ronny Orbach

Ronny Orbach

Founder & Web Developer

Really Good

Ronny builds cool web stuff since 2001. During his days as Front End developer at Metacafe and later Conduit he became a web performance authority, and started preaching that good developers delete more code than they write.

As part of the freelance duo Really Good, Ronny now plans, codes and talks about awesome projects for fun and profit. He loves to teach at least like he loves to learn.

Presentations by Ronny Orbach:

  • Devcon September Conference, Wednesday, September 12, 2012, 13:25

    As modern web applications gain momentum, web performance became significant. Complicated web apps compete directly with native software, and as such face serious performance challenges.


    In this session we’ll discuss some of the common pain points and bottlenecks in the web performance field, and how to overcome them.

    The talk will cover advanced concepts, tricks and techniques about web performance. From architecture, through optimizations to cheats and tricks, you’ll learn invaluable details for speeding up your web app.

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